Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday & Small Business Saturday <---SUPPORT!

As you enjoy BLACK FRIDAY in stores or ONLINE (as I prefer) I want to inform you of a few small business websites that you should visit for your holiday purchases. I have a list of my favorite businesses & majority of them have CHARITY FINDS that they will make a small donation to with your purchase!


Donates BOOKS to Communities in need!
AWEARNESS 100% of net proceeds
go towards the fight against HIV & AIDS



Contact Designer Charles Lynch for your Custom Dress Today!

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Make sure you visit Online Boutiques &
Keep me posted on what you will purchase! Tis the Season!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Darling Nikki! Thank YOU Friend for this....

"intensely poetic" photograph inspired piece. for dawn m. greene

red boned cause my red bones
are mississippi dust formed
crafted gently, delicately, boldly
by the only one wise enough
gracious enough
merciful enough
to also make them strong enough
to hold me up when
knees would rather buckle
when back would rather bend
when head would rather bow

and i cannot make apologies
for the things i cannot control
the color of my eyes can change
the color of my skin can change
the color of my hair can change
but it all ends up being just smoke and mirror
camera and flash
at day's end.

the beauty observed
did not come from the artist's palette
he could do no more than accentuate
the nuances on the canvas
this thing behind my eyes
has its genesis
in every bad day
in every rejection
in every good day
in every victory


there is a moment
when every woman
infamous or unknown
is simply present
not lost in her thoughts
or overwhelmed by life
or excited by the newness
or detached from the mundane
she is just
at peace
in full bloom
that face she makes
stoic and seemingly oblivious
is life
is strength
is the all encompassing
intensely poetic
photogenically delicious
reality of being
a young
who at the moment is just being

have you seen her face somewhere?
on a billboard or a magazine page?
have you recognized her smile from
the cover of some book or ad?
do you ever wonder what's behind
that smile?
what she's like when there's no make up
when there's no shutter click
when there's no smile in her to share?


in a world of whited sepulchers
where what's inside
is as empty
as vapid
and useless
as the space between regrets
we see
a little girl's dancing eyes
a young woman's dreaming heart
a mother's unfailing courage
a student's fierce determination
an advocate's undaunted resolve

a photograph so intensely poetic it compels you
a silence so loud it implores you
a southern magnolia so beautiful it demands you
a presence so present it moves you
to stop moving
and just sit
and look.

Written by: Nikki Byrom.... I am still in awe that you wrote such a lovely poem on a rare image I took of myself!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

HALLOWEEN Treat Night w/ The Family

This Halloween my husband and I decided to create a new family tradition that we do to include all of our children. Every Halloween, Sean and I would carve pumpkins, fix a DIRT PIE, and make decorations. This halloween we have added a new twist to an old tradition and it includes Monster Punch, Halloween MONSTER MASH dance off, and a pumpkin decoration competition.


Ingredients include: 1 Bag of Oreos
                                    1 cup of Powdered Sugar
                                    8 oz package of Cream Cheese
                                    Mixing BOWL
                                    8 oz box of instant Vanilla/Chocolate pudding
                                    12 oz whip topping
                                    Gummy Worms

  1. Place the cookies into a sealed plastic bag and crush them with a knife or rolling pin.
  2.  In a bowl, mix the cream cheese and sugar until smooth.
  3.  Blend the pudding mix into the cream cheese mixture.
  4.  Stir about half of the cookie crumbs into the whipped topping.
  5.  Layer the ingredients -- cookie crumbs, cream cheese mixture and whipped topping -- in a clear glass dish. Alternate the layers and finish with a sprinkle of "dirt" cookie crumbs on top. Add gummy worms, if desired                                                            (listed on


                                                    Ingredients include: 3 packs of Kool-Aid Lime
                                                                           1 bottle of fruit juice
                                                                           Fresh/Frozen fruit pieces
                                                                                                    1 gal Sherbet

Mix all ingredients (in any order) in a large tub, which can hold several gallons. Stir so that the sherbert is completely dissolved. With the exception of the kool-aid and sherbert, as much or little of the other ingredients may be used.
The Pumpkin Decorations can be done with PAINT, CRAYONS, or COLORED PENCILS! It is up to you to challenge your children's creativity! THE MONSTER MASH DANCE OFF is what it is! You have to teach your children this traditional Halloween dance while watching them face-off to the latest dances.
I am truly blessed to have the family that I have, and we love how we are blended our families together. You must create traditions in your family structure to help give your children something to look forward too and something that they will continue to pass on from generation to generation. ENJOY!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Organic MASHUPS shawty!!!

Check out a favorite snack that my children ages 6 to 18 years old enjoy! It is easy to open, a quick on the go snack, and the flavors are delicious! I am personally waiting on them to create an Organic Mashups WATERMELON flavor, but then again this was never made for adults! LOL! Buy some & watch your children enjoy their fruits!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

100 people + $5,000= AIDS WALK ATL!!

Uncle Kimball, WE DID IT!

*Please follow @RaeIT @HydeiaBroadbent
who fight AIDS daily in their lives!
They inspire ME & I will walk for them as well*

Thursday, October 13, 2011 CAPTION THIS!!!

Create the Captions for the Pictures above and
WIN this DEINERT Handbag from ALDO!

FOR MY MOM: We're Stepping OUT!

When my Mom told my siblings and I that she had Type 2 Diabetes she said it with ease. Although we already knew something was up with the increased doctor's visits and her dramatic weight loss this confirmed something was up. When I found out that there was more that I could learn to help her through this and to keep her on track I began to study more about what she goes through daily.

The Be A Role Model Organization family & friends!

You want to walk the journey with your relatives that suffer or go through things and you want to let them know they are not alone. Thanks to my dear friend Cristal and her organization Be A Role Model we were able to show my Mother that we care about her and others that deal with Diabetes daily. My Mom drove overnight to make the walk and she went back home to Mississippi the next day. We were able to raise money in honor and walk with her for an hour or two through this journey. Take care of yourself and make sure that you show others around you that you care about their well-being.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank You IMAN!

 God bless the people in Somalia! I have written about the Famine and my relationship with the ONE campaign keeps me connected!

This bracelet is the Noir Jewelry for MODELINIA special-edition Somalia bracelet to raise awareness about the famine in Somalia. All of the proceeds from the sales of this bracelet will go straight to Save the Children. They help aid the Horn of Africa with food and water while treating the children in those affected areas!

I am buying another bracelet and I pray you do the same too!

Go to to help support our people in Somalia!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Recently I made an online purchase that I know I will be doing again soon! is a company that sells flats out of vending machines! I WANT TO SEE THAT!

I made my purchase online, because they were donating part of the proceeds to AIDS WALK ATLANTA on behalf of Be A Role Model Organization! So when I received it today I SCREAMED cause I call them my "Dorothy Flats". LOL!

I tried them on and I realized that they are comfortable but I need a bigger size! I wear a size 11 and sometimes I can fit a size 10, but I cannot wait for their XL size!!!

Every woman needs a pair of flats that can easily fit in their handbag and GO! I am a new mommy on the go CONSTANTLY and I cannot wait to wear these out!



YOU AIN'T GOT THESE--->>>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, September 22, 2011


The execution of Troy Davis has taught my family and I that here in America we ignore things until it is hot & trendy. I decided not to tweet until yesterday about my opinion on what was going on and how our community responded. The support was needed but it may have been too late. I remember taking my Criminal Law class and meeting Professor Aimee Maxwell. She changed my life. There were only two other professors at Oglethorpe University who I can say the same thing, Dr. Kendra King & Dr. Christopher Bass, but Professor Maxwell pulled rank!

Oglethorpe University Professor Aimee Maxwell, Executive Director of Georgia Innocence Project, (on right)

In any of her law classes, (I took them all), she challenged us to find a case that was happening now and to follow it. She showed us how to break the law down and see why certain laws were created through certain times. I remember when she introduced us to the Troy Davis case, and a fellow OU grad tweeted along with me, "We have been rallying for this man since then!"

We learned about The Georgia Innocence Project and we wanted to do more. I am not writing this post to bash anyone who was just informed on what has been happening over the past few years with this man. In his remembrance you owe it to him, now that you know, to follow a group of people that are fighting for the "Troy Davis's" of Georgia and of the world. Below are two links where you can do that and I ask that you personally reach out to my former Professor Aimee Maxwell for what she has done quietly for those that are innocent.

I don't mind that you care so passionately about what happened to this man yesterday, but what are you DOING to make sure that it doesn't happen again?

God bless America!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FNOnyc: "Make this a Night to REMEMBER"

Solange DJing at Lord & Taylor


Watching Shaun Robinson & Carson Kressley host their FNO coverage show

Kollins, Danie, & I outside of Lord & Taylor enjoying FNO in NYC!

Trying to figure out where our next stop is! THIS WAS A LOT OF FUN!

Another female DJ getting the crowd hype at Macy's

Swapnista Keren Charles & I at Lord & Taylor in NYC

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Cow I would NEVER TIP!!!

This heifer is only 150 calories and 3 grams of fat or less! WHEW! There's NO COW-TIPPING HERE! *smacks lips*

I can enjoy this (only one) and still be good with my 30 Day Cardio Challenge. PRAISE MOSES!!!

What are you favorite low-calorie desserts??

Thursday, August 25, 2011

ONE call & that's not ALL...

This afternoon I was able to take part in a Conference call with the ONE Campaign organization, its members, NBA star Dikembe Mutombo, Cindy McCain, and artist Knaan Warsame. I cannot express the emotions that came over me while listening in on this call.

Confusion & Anger are the top two that I could not get away from. WHY ISN'T THE MEDIA TALKING ABOUT THIS??? Where are the responsible journalists that can help spread the awareness? I am utterly pissed off at our government as they continue to ignore what goes on in our backyard and what is going on in the HORN OF AFRICA.

Our attention must never stray away from helping our brother or sisters in Africa. Yes I know you have heard it all before. Africa needs this... Africa needs that... but do you seriously want what is going on in Somalia to turn in to what happened in Rwanda??

 "Somalia is a very direct problem" stated Knaan on the conference call.

"Women and Children are low on the totem pole" stated Mrs. Cindy McCain on the conference call.

"One Mother... One Child... BOTH WILL DIE!"
image from

"We have a responsibility to care about each other and that means we have to try and help people", stated Dikembe Mutumbo.

I will continue to spend time, money and my talent to bring awareness to what is going on in Africa. Trust me, I know you have your own daily struggles and things that you have to endure but there are people who have been in refugee camps for 20 years and have lost hope. You live in America where HOPE is where the American dream lives. The refugee camps that people find themselves in the Horn of Africa are killing their hopes of ever making it out and what is left are their dead bodies.

image from
 This is not the fabric of Africa, and I wish that our media would help educate our country on that. Knaan encouraged the listeners on the call to continue raising awareness on our own. People are unable to feed themselves nor are they able to grow or produce anything to help feed their families.

"This is what happens to people when there is no central government", stated Knaan on the conference call.

Continue to help bring awareness of what is going on in the #HornofAfrica by:

1) Make this issue a trending topic on Twitter
2) By changing your profile pictures on your social networking sites to images of the Famine in the Horn of Africa
3) Read more about what is going on in Africa by doing your own research
4) Send editorial requests to your local newspapers and favorite magazines about their coverage of the Famine
5) Donate $10 to and help feed a family!!!

There is no reason why you cannot help change what is happening in our world.
All it takes is ACTION!
 Now GO!!!!!!
 *waving flag*

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The TOWN Brookhaven in Atlanta




A Black-Owned Business: Coffee Shop w/ Gourmet Cupcakes
Frozen Yogurt

A Mississippi Restaurant

As an Oglethorpe Alum, I am in love with this newly developed area here in Atlanta.  Me & my boys strolled around the area and met with the owners of Newk's Cafe. It is a really nice neighborhood and I frequent the Publix because I can do curbside service after I order my groceries online! How awesome is that!? Let me know when you get a chance to swing by this new area in town. You can thank me later :)